Love What You Do

Woman getting away to plan for success

You are not going to be happy if you do not love what you do. That doesn’t mean that you act like a silly fool every day, but you generally need to be excited about what you do. I started getting burnt out after running a web design and SEO business for 15 years, so I started a life coaching practice as a side business. I enjoyed it a great deal, but realized that I truly do love the techy-nerd aspects of SEO and Internet marketing also.

I have decided to combine the two together and coach entrepreneurs on how to create a robust internet marketing plan for their businesses.

However, I could have done this a few years earlier if I had followed the advice I give my clients: Create a Success Plan. Take time away from your business (or job); not a lot of time, maybe a day or two.

Get away from the house to somewhere that has few distractions, and start writing down your plan for success. Begin with what you want to do and figure out what other avenues might work for you.

Success begins with why, but you don’t have to figure out your why first. Sometimes the why comes after the what.  But figuring out those two things can help solidify what it is you really want to do.

Watch these success planning Webishops to help you with your getaway.

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