Your Worst Enemy

Don’t you hate that person who always puts you down, looks down their nose at you, and talks about you behind your back? They are just the worst, aren’t they? But are they your worst enemy, or are you your own worst enemy? Do you ever:

  • Put yourself down: Ever tell yourself you are not good enough? That you don’t deserve to be happy? Start listing all the bad things you’ve done in the past?
  • Mental fist fights: You have to have a meeting and you know there will be some tension. Have you ever imagined the worst possible scenario happening? Maybe the entire meeting breaks down into a shouting match? Maybe you even started shouting just from thinking about it.
  • Kick yourself to the curb: Do you sabotage your relationships because you don’t think you deserve to be with another person? You get into that relationship with Mr. Awesome or Miss Gorgeous but, as soon as it gets to a certain point, you start doing subtle things like starting arguments for no good reason, ignoring them, going out without them, or maybe paying more attention to online friends than them.

The truth is, you were born to be great. But the world has a habit of tearing you down. You probably have these feelings because of what someone said or did to you in the past. You built this false belief system about yourself because of what they said or did, and now you are projecting that false belief onto someone else.

Stop the cycle. Break the chain.

It may seem like a mountain before you, but you climb a mountain by taking one step at a time. Step 1: Change your thinking. Every point above started with a thought. Change your thoughts. Whenever those negative rats invade you, choose to make a change. Stop yourself right when they start and say something like: “NO! I was born to be great! I deserve to be happy and to help others be happy! That negative (insert appropriate expletive) is my past. The NEW ME chooses to be positive.” Then re-imagine the scenario as going wonderfully well. Imagine everyone involved smiling and having fun.

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