Introverts and Divorce

Introverts that have recently found themselves single have special concerns. Normally. we like being alone with our thoughts for stretches of time. But that can get old even for us at times, can’t it? And, since introverts generally have fewer friends with deeper relationships, there is a chance that your friends were also your partner’s friends.

But there are things you can do to stay sane if you find yourself single and without many of your friends.

Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to create a better life starting right now. Life is hectic and full of people running everywhere. This is the bane of introverts, so maybe take advantage of the new freedom you have. Take a vacation. Make the decision to go to as few events as possible, or take a real vacation and get away for a while. If it is the time of year when people start to flock to the mountains, so go to the ocean (tropical or not).

Give yourself time to think about what a better future will look like, and what steps it will take to get you there.

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