Your Happy Place – Holiday Stress

Stress is difficult to deal with, and the holidays seem to make other stress factors more pronounced. But there are things you can do to lower stress.

Financial issues are toward the top of the list of stressors during the holidays. It seems like money is flowing out of your wallet or purse at light speed. Presents, parties and travel all take their bite out, and credit card debt rises dramatically over the holidays. Financial stress usually happens when you feel the need to buy more items than you can afford. But people will still like you even if you don’t buy that expensive for them right now. Find something less expensive that they will enjoy. Friends and family will understand if you just don’t have the finances to buy expensive gifts for everyone. Get others a card or make a card from scratch. And forgive yourself for not having the finances right now.
General holiday stress can be overwhelming. It may feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on you, but there is one thing that can help tremendously. Talk it out. Have an honest discussion with your spouse or best friend, if you can trust them to listen without judging. Otherwise, find a counselor or coach to talk with about your feelings. We tend to make mountains out of mole hills. A coach can help bring stress into perspective.
Does flying stress you out? Go to your happy place. Yes, this does seem silly, but it works for many people. Imagine a place that makes you happy. Is it the beach you are about to land by, or being with your friends talking the night away? Does music soothe you? Listen to it during the flight. And when the stress hits you, breathe deeply and steadily while you imagine yourself in your happy place.

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