Occupied! – Family Gatherings

Holidays family gatherings

The holidays are almost here again and they are almost guaranteed to have something many of us dread; the toxic family member. Here are two tips to get through holiday gatherings this year with that one person you dread being around:

1. The Tag Team. You are probably not the only person who dreads those conversations.  Tag team with others so each person has a break. 2. Occupied! This works especially well if you are an introvert. Take a bathroom break. It is the one place you can get some peace for a while without being disturbed.

One thing you should always avoid is an argument.

Some people are emotionally immature and they will do whatever they can to get attention, good or bad. They may look for arguments because it put the focus on them and gives them that attention. If they find that you cannot be provoked into an argument they may go looking for easier prey.

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