Introverts and Networking

This is a decent article on Introverts and Networking from Entrepreneur Magazine.

However, it could have been better by helping introverts with the most difficult part of networking: Walking through the door. I’m sure I’m not the only one who steps out of my car, heads toward the door, and wishes for a distraction (like a sudden earthquake or volcanic eruption) so I won’t have to attend the meeting.

I recently attended a new networking event and my wing man cancelled at the last minute (literally while I was walking to the door). I walked in and quickly realized I didn’t know a single person there. Even worse, everyone was already in small groups, happily talking to each other and completely ignoring everyone else.

But I’ve been to many networking events before, so I intentionally introverted. I leaned against a wall and scanned the room for anyone that would make eye contact so I could smile at them. It didn’t take long for a couple of people to come over to me and ask if I was new there.

Obviously, the best way to attend a networking event where you know nobody is to bring a friend or fellow businessperson. But if that is not possible, and you are determined to be there, try the partial wallflower technique. But there is one thing to not do: Do not get on your phone, look at notes, or anything other than scan the audience. Don’t let other people think you are busy, because then they will not come over.

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