Shut up!

Talking to yourself is okay, unless you keep putting yourself down.

Negative self-talk can ruin your career, relationships, even your life. But how do you stop that nagging voice in the back of your head? First, if negative feelings are overwhelming you on a regular basis, please get professional help. However, if they just nag you and keep you from being as successful as you could be, there are ways that can help.

The Old Me is one of my favorites. Next time you start putting yourself down, stop yourself and say “that is the old me, the new me…”and end that sentence with something more positive. For instance, if you are putting yourself down for being overweight: “That is the old me. I may be overweight, but I know I can work toward a healthier lifestyle.” Your mind will work to accomplish whatever you think about the most, so think about a more positive future.


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